Avinash Varma

Title: What should opposition parties in India do ?

Short description: Proactive, not reactive

Long description: Proactive not reactive provide alternative vision/idea of India no credible narrative Khosa pahad nikla chula case, they are saying it will be grand grand but body language does not seem so RG ? NO : Other options JS, SP Good opposition by North east MP on motor vehicle bill Gave up on 2019, if it goes on Modi won’t stop if second generation of leaders emerge which is probably happen due to excellent management of Modi/Shah on putting young CMs Those CMs will have a track recored and political vasihat to carry forward and experience too In that case BJP will rule for next tree terms Problem for BJP is finding someone who can be as tall as Modi as he really have elevated the expectations Jobs - get data from the book to explain the case, the numbers are not there which can be issue Leaders are made not born is the point congress is missing.

Tags: ["Political indian politics"]

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