Avinash Varma

What should opposition parties in India do ?

Proactive, not reactive

Proactive not reactive provide alternative vision/idea of India no credible narrative Khosa pahad nikla chula case, they are saying it will be grand grand but body language does not seem so RG ? NO : Other options JS, SP Good opposition by North east MP on motor vehicle bill Gave up on 2019, if it goes on Modi won’t stop if second generation of leaders emerge which is probably happen due to excellent management of Modi/Shah on putting young

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Leadership and speech from Joe Biden

Storytelling, selection of words, connect with young generation and humour are some of the pearls of Joe Biden’s speech at Harvard.

I turned into instant fan after hearing speech on youtube.
watch here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK0MltvFFdE
I was following him from some time but the way he delivered this speech actually shows difference between normal leader and a great leader.
One can learn great deal of public speaking just by observing him. How to deliver a speech effectively, when to pause

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