Avinash Varma


Vindle = Video + Bundle


Sometimes videos which I wanted to save and share had multiple sources and it was difficult to share them as a bundle or collection.

I made a small tool to fetch a video from multiple sources and bundle them.
We can share our bundles with friends and get the conversation started.

Also I was new to ruby on rails so it was a good practice project to learn.

Made with: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Youtube API, Vimeo API, Yammer API, Facebook login, AWS

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Handpicked collections of items from Japan!


I wanted to practice my UI skills and take a break from traditional bootstrap based UIs.
Also, I saw some potential for products from Japan browsed outside Japan so I tried to provide feature of selecting different currency and language preferences.

Made with: Ruby on Rails, Redis, AWS, Rakuten/Amazon product API

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Find weekly new music or select an year and get nostalgic about the music hits of that year!


Once I was listening to an old song which was a hit during my school time. I tried to find if there is any service where I can access full list and play it. Wikipedia has a list of billboard top 100 of the year. I had to search every time on youtube to listen to a particular song. Also some of the song names were forgotten but once you hear the tune you remember it.
So I parsed wiki pages and used Youtube APIs to make a collection of music videos sorted by year.
Later added top 50 this week feature, so that I can get updated list of latest music every week.
I enjoyed working on this tool a lot because I discovered some really great songs which were forgotten.

Made with: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, AWS, Redis, Sidekiq(delayed job), RabbitMQ

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Get information about the candidates contesting elections from your constituency


There were elections in 2014 and political discussions among friends were at peak. Most of the conclusions ended with blaming the selection of a “wrong” candidate.
I tried to figure out how many people even know who is contesting an election from their own constituency. Many of them did not bother or just knew one or two names without any additional info.
In a democracy one must have full unbiased information before making a choice and so to make the information more accessible I developed this tool.
You can input your zip code and get a list of candidates contesting elections with details. Challenging part was to fetch information fast because many political parties made announcements of candidates very late or it was changed many times.
Most of the time this information is not easily available.

Made with: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Redis, parse HTML, sidekiq(delayed job), AWS

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Anuvada | Visit: No link

Add words and know their meaning in different languages.


I was in Spain for a short term project. I was encountering new words everyday and used to google them to check their meaning.
At the same time I was also learning Japanese so I was curious to know the meaning of same word in Japanese so I can do “一石二鳥”(kill two birds with one stone.)
Later I also added other languages. Mostly if I am travelling to any place where I should be familiar with the basic greetings.
At the same time I was curious to know their exact meaning in languages I already know.

Made with: Ruby on Rails, Redis, AWS, MS bing translation API

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Made In

Item sorted according to the county they are made in.


Another experiment to use Amazon and Rakuten APIs and try to see if I can sort them by the country where those items are produced.

Made with: Amazon API, Rakuten API, AWS, Ruby on Rails


Enter a date and see how was your facebook timeline on that day


Just to explore if I can have a snapshot of a day. Facebook API has restriction on the dates, you cannot go beyond a particular limit, but it was fun thing to do. Now facebook has "On this day" feature.

Made with: Facebook API, Ruby on Rails, Redis

Weekly report

Tool where team members can view weekly reports send by colleagues in better UI


One of the good things in my current company is sending a weekly report with impression of the week, tasks done, hours spent etc. But unfortunately it is sent as an email and sometimes format also varies from team to team. I tried to fetch emails using OWA APIs and made a GUI tool see reports in better way

It also showed image of the sender fetched from Yammer which was helpful for new members joining the team.

For managers and team leaders it would be too much work to go through all reports which does not belong to their teams ( >200 reports), so I created a word cloud out of the summary fetched from these reports to give overview of hot topics discussed by employees.

Made with: Cloud Foundry, Microsoft, AWA API, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB

Say it

Voice commands to do things


I was experimenting with googles chrome's voice input feature (which is no longer supported), currently experimenting to use use backend for creating a bot using wit.ai

Made with: Ruby on Rails, Redis, sidekiq, wit.ai, google maps API, Youtube API