Avinash Varma


My name is Avinash Varma, feel free to call me Avi.
I am a computer engineer and working as an application developer for an e-commerce company in Japan.
Why this choice ? well I was lucky enough to be featured in New York Times to talk about it. (click to read)

Lately tasks at job mostly involved working on backend systems, consuming/building APIs, designing new systems and migrating legacy systems. My experience involves developing full functional e-commerce websites from scratch, maintaining and troubleshooting.

Apart from work I like to get busy with my hobby projects and try to acquire skills that I usually don’t get a chance to work in office(love designing user interfaces) or explore Tokyo and nearby areas.

Interested in startups, agriculture, farming, politics, mythology, reading(non-fiction mostly) and hiking.
Cannot work without music!

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn or drop an email : avinash.varma4464@gmail.com